Flexographic label printing is used for niche products where you need your customers to differentiate your products from others on a crowded shelf. As premier label printers we offer a wide range of synthetic labels or plastic labels. We are one of the very few label manufacturing companies that specialize in die cutting of synthetic labels. Transparent label printing is catching up very fast per personal care/FMCG companies. Our machinery, systems and infrastructure are on par with the best Label manufacturing companies.

Being one of the pioneering label printers has allowed us to streamline our self adhesive label production process so that we can offer quick, reliable, quality service with competitive pricing. Our factory equipped with over 20,000 sq feet of the latest label printing equipments. This includes the latest seven-color Gallus UV flexographic label printing machine. Gallus has the reputation of producing the world’s best labeling machines in terms of quality and speed and is a subsidiary of Heidelberg, Germany.

Our machinery, systems and infrastructure are on par with the best Label printing companies . All label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior clear label quality. These labels are durable, eye catching, practically tear-proof and moisture resistant. They are used in industries where labels have to do all the talking.


- Crystal clear face stock

- Clear, non-whitening, acrylic adhesive

- Film release liner

- Very high level of attractiveness


- Toiletries, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health care, food and beverage industries.


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