Inkjet Labeling Solution

Paper Labels

- High-Gloss Paper Label

- Matte White Paper Label

- Semi-Gloss White Paper Label

- High-Gloss White Piggyback Paper Label

- Gloss Paper Label with High Water-Resistance

- High-Gloss Paper Label with Aggressive Adhesive

Synthetic Labels

- Silver Gloss Label

- High Gloss White Polypropylene Label

- High-Gloss Polyester (PET) Tire Label

- High-Gloss White Polypropylene Label with Freezer Adhesive

INK Cartridges





Paper Labels Modal No. Modal Description
High-Gloss Paper Label 2131T Eco classic 2131T Inkjet High Gloss Label
Label 2132T Eco classic 2132T inkjet Premium Matte Label
Synthetic Labels
PE Matte Label 6134T Polysuper 6134T Inkjet PE Matte Label
PP High Gloss Label 4133T Polypremium 4133T PP High Gloss Label
Transparent Labels
BOPP Gloss Transparent Label 4134T Polypremium 4134T inkjet Gloss Transparent Label
PE Matte Transparent Label 6135T Polysuper 6135T Inkjet Matte Transparent Label
Tags & Tickets
Semi- Gloss Tags 3119T Ecoboard 3119T inkjet Semi-Gloss Tags
Premium Matte Tags 3120T Ecoboard 3120T inkjet Premium Matte Tags