iLabel has installed four label printing machines including the latest label printing machine i.e. the seven-colour UV flexographic label manufacturing machine, the Gallus EM 280, manufactured by Gallus, Switzerland. Gallus is known to produce the world’s best label manufacturing machines in terms of quality and speed and is a subsidiary of Heidelberg, Germany. Gallus’s state-of-the-art labeling machines provide high quality UV label printing, breath-taking speeds thereby producing the best sticker labels with reduced lead times. Being one of the top label manufacturers in Middle East , we are in the process of installing another 8 color Gallus, Heidelberg by 2011 which would considerably add to our already existing large capacity and enable us to offer a wide variety of self adhesive labels to our clients.

Besides Gallus, company also has 7-colour high speed UV rotary label printing machines and 4 colour label printing machines for small to medium run jobs. These machines also have a second pass facility which makes it possible for us to print up to 8 colours.

There are also high-speed slitting machines imported from England that slit labels of dissimilar widths into roll form in very quick time. We have numbering machines for serial numbering of labels as well as back side numbering.

Keeping pace with the surge in demand for quality sticker labels the company is the process of importing two 7-8 colour U V label printing machine by this year.


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