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These clear labels are useful for all our customers across industries in preventing forgery. These non printed labels are made of a transparent film and protect details of the cheque from being changed, such as the amount, signature, and the name of ..

- These plain labels are available in more than 500 different die sizes and shapes. It can even be customized to get your exact size and shape. They can also be used as laser labels.- A company logo or a brand name can be incorporated at no additiona..

Packaging Labels /packing labels are used in all manufacturing industries to indicate carton contents. The most common details in the self adhesive labels includes customers name, particulars of the product. The packaging labels /packing labels can a..

Self adhesive Labels and printed sticker are increasingly being used to promote products and services, and to create brand awareness. Sticker labels displayed in public, such as those on vehicles, walls and bags increase brand awareness and aid brand..

- The spotlessly clean, centrally air conditioned plant, maintains a dust free environment so that the sticker labels we provide you with are of the highest quality.- iLabel is committed to continuous process improvement, defect prevention and the re..

SECURITY LABELSIn a globalized market, protecting one’s brand, preventing counterfeiting and duplication of products is of prime importance. At iLabel we realize this and have come up with Security Hologram labels Solutions to beat counterfeiters. We..

There are innumerable amounts of different synthetic label materials available, their features and applications vary. These sticker labels are used for Prime Label applications. They can be used as product labels or customized to make a custom label...

Flexographic label printing is used for niche products where you need your customers to differentiate your products from others on a crowded shelf. As premier label printers we offer a wide range of synthetic labels or plastic labels. We are one of t..

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