Polyester Label

Synthetic Labels including Polyester, Polyethylene and Polypropylene Labels. These can be blank or printed, depending on your application.

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Polypremium 4121T White,Gloss Polyester,100mmx105mm, 3Core,1000 Labels,Roll,Straight Format,White..

Polypremium 4121T, White, Gloss Polyester, 75mmx50mm, 1.5Core, 1250 Labels,Roll,Straight Format, White...

Polypremium 4121T White,Gloss Polyester, 38mmx25mm, 1.5 Core, 1000 Labels, Roll, Straight Format, White..

Polypremium 4121T White,Gloss Polyester,52mmx25mm, 1.5Core, 1000 Labels,Roll,Straight Format,White..

Polysuper 6126T Pet Matt,Polyester, 52mmx25mm,1.5"Core,1000 Labels, Roll, Straight Format, Silver..

Polysuper 6126T Pet Matt, Polyester, 38mmx25mm, 1.5"Core,1000 Labels, Roll,Straight Format, Silver...

Polysuper 6126T PET Matt,Polyester, 75mmX50mm,1.5"core, 1000 Labels,Roll,Straight format,Silver..

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