Jewellery Label Solution

Polyester Jewellery Label used for Price Tagging. We have all kind of Jewelry Labels for Silver/Gold/Artificial Jewelry, Wrist watch and Spectacles etc. sour range includes:

- Jewelry Labels

- Jewelry Tags

- Artificial Jewelry Labels.

- Spectacle Tags

- Wrist watches Labels & Tags.

- Polyester Labels etc..

Complete jewellery Label Solution

Jeweler labels are available in various formats, most common retail (long-tail) and dumbbell. These labels can be used with a computer or keyboard display unit for standalone printing.

Jeweler labels can be used to display information about your products, including product code, short description, price and a barcode.

Jewellery Specifications

- Jewelry Labels

- Media Diameter: Not Applicable.

- Number of Labels per Roll: 1000./3000

- Core Diameter: 1″ /1.5”/3”.

- Print Technology: Thermal transfer.

- Color: White./ Silver

- Material: White Gloss Polyester.

- Adhesive: Permanent.

- Release: 65 GSM

- Backing color: White.

- Ribbon : Wax / Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

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Pegasus Polypremium 4119T Dumbbled Label, White Gloss Polyester, 65mmx16mm,1.5"Core,3000 Labels, Roll, Straight, White..

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