Healthcare technology can help doctors and nurses improve the quality and efficiency of patient care by helping to reduce risk and save lives. Whether connecting patients to doctors on the move, scanning patient information bedside, making test results available immediately

Applicable Applications

- Patient Wristband Printing

- Patient Identification

- Inventory Control

- Staff & Visitor Badges

- Treatment Verification

- Surgical Instrument Tracking

- Blood Sample Tracking

- Patient File Tracking

Cryo Cool Label

Polypropylene label with a cold‐temp permanent acrylic adhesive ‐196° C temperature resistance for liquid nitrogen cryogenic applications.

Blood Bag Label

Regulatory requirements and the extreme conditions associated with blood storage, processing, and infusion place stringent demands on labels for blood collection and infusion bags and bottles.

Pizzy bag Label

These labels are made from combining two layers of adhesive substrate. The bottom layer forms the backing for the top. The label can be applied to any object as normal, the top layer can be a removable label that can be applied elsewhere, which may change the message or marking on the remaining label underneath.

Test-Tube Labels

Thermal Transfer test-tube Labels are designed for laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws and slides.

Patient Identification Label, Medicine Labels, Medical Wristband

improves accuracy and speed of hospital tasks by allowing printing and scanning of information and barcodes directly on the wristbands. Attraction and Amusement Wristband enable cashless point of sale and access management with print-on-demand barcoded wristbands.

- Pegasus Thermal wristband solutions are easy-to-use, fit a wide variety of industries like healthcare patient id, Entertainment park and clubs etc and require minimal IT support.

- Wristband can be immediately used and secured to the patient

- Supports all kindly of Thermal printers Patient wristband for various sizes, Material, Antibacterial material, color, Adult and infants.