In a globalized market, protecting one’s brand, preventing counterfeiting and duplication of products is of prime importance. At iLabel we realize this and have come up with Security Hologram labels Solutions to beat counterfeiters. We offer a range of custom labels including security holograms stickers, security papers like tamper-evident and write-protected and security inks. Cost of adding a security feature in a sticker label is negligible compared to the revenues lost due to counterfeiting. As custom security hologram manufacturers, we ensure these products are adapted according to client needs. Most of the security label features can also be offered in thermal labels.

Security labels ,tamper evident labels ,security hologram labels,sticker labels and security hologram sticker are manufactured to meet customer specifications and requirements. All label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior security label quality.


Holograms have unique optical properties that make them almost impossible to replicate. These custom labels can be easily authenticated by customers and users. Our security holograms labels not only will secure your products from counterfeiting and diversion, but they also look stylish, and complement your existing packaging. Security hologram sticker option can also be incorporated in thermal labels.


These custom labels show evidence of tampering if removal is attempted.

iLabel provides two types of tamper evident Labels –

First ones are sticker labels those that fragment into pieces on removal. These custom labels are made up of fragile face stock and strong adhesive so that removal usually results in evidence of tampering thus making them tamper-evident.

The other one reveals a pattern on removal such as “void” or “company name” or “company logo”. These security labels are made of polyester face stock and strong adhesive, offering good durability.


These sticker labels are used when text, such as signatures and product or dispatch information, needs to be protected. These labels have a self-lamination feature. Lamination adds to the longevity of the product and protects it from wear and tear and adverse environmental conditions. You can write on these custom labels and then peel off the backing of the PVC / polyester laminate to seal the label. The write protected labels protect the sensitive text from water, solvents and tampering.These cannot be offered in thermal labels.


We provide our customers with a choice of more than 20 security/specialty inks in different colours and print processes We also guide our customers guide as to which ink they should use on their sticker labels depending on the level of security, brand protection, and attractiveness they are looking for. this feature can also be offered in thermal labels. Few of the popular security/specialty inks are thermo chronic inks, metallic inks, optically variable inks and photo chromatic inks.


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