We have been label manufacturers of wine labels & liquor labels since a decade. We have been Label suppliers to reputed firms. Whether it’s just a few printed labels or thousands of bottle labels our experienced, friendly staff will determine your labeling needs and ensure you get what you want, on time and at competitive prices.

Labeling of wine products plays an important role in defining the brand, and in reducing confusion and clutter among brands. We provide you with wine labels and liquor labels that increase the visual appeal of your product manifold and help end users differentiate your product label from other products labels on a crowded shelf. We also print retail labels with uniform barcode.

Our flexographic label printing machine Gallus, is used worldwide as the most ideal label manufacturing machine to print wine labels & liquor labels .Gallus can print all types of Self adhesive labels and sticker labels customized to customers specifications. Our machinery, systems and infrastructure are on par with the best German Label manufacturing companies.

Wine labels and liquor labels are manufactured to meet customer specifications and requirements. All label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior wine labels and liquor labels quality.


- Invisible “no look” self adhesive labels.

- “Soft Touch ” Bottle Labels.

- Screen printed labels/ printed stickers to add texture.

- Cold foil self adhesive labels.

- Embossed self adhesive printed labels/printed stickers in roll form.

- Laminated self adhesive bottle labels.


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