Eco Standard 1101D Semi Permanent

A direct thermal uncoated paper label with permanent acrylic adhesive. Designed for optimal balance of performance and price. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications including packaging, shipping and box labels. Not recommended for applications involving exposure to sunlight or extreme heat.

Eco Standard 1102D

A non-top coated paper with a standard dynamic sensitivity thermal coating. This face paper is made from FSC ™Designed for information Labeling in dry environments such as catch-weight and other short-life time applications in retail end-uses. Avoid contact with moisture, oil, fats and plasticizers (PVC).

Eco Standard 1103D Permanent

A direct thermal, white, premium Uncoated, ultra smooth paper label with a permanent rubber based adhesive, ideal for usein low temperature applications. Designed to provide optimal image quality; ideal for high-speed printing applications where premium print quality is important. Recommended for a wide range of applications, such as product and sample Labeling. Good performance at low temperatures.

Eco Classic 2105T

A thermal transfer Semi Gloss paper label with permanent acrylic based adhesive. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications including shipping and box labels.

Eco Classic 2106T-Pharma

Machine coated, glossy, woodfree SC paper. Product designed for labeling small diameter containers and curved surfaces in healthcare and laboratory use. This gloss product is the optimal choice for vials, bottles, syringes and test tubes.

Eco Classic 2107T Matt

A matt coated wood free label paper with optimal thermal transfer printability and high whiteness. Product designed for multipurpose labeling in logistics and retail applications requiring high resolution thermal transfer printing and good ambient temperature performance.

Eco Classic 2108T

Off-machine coated semi-gloss, lignin-free paper. Multipurpose lightweight label paper. Specially developed for pharmaceutical applications, small diameters and curved surfaces. For applications that require labels with high flexibility.

Eco Classic 2109T

White, wood free machine coated, SC mid-gloss paper with black reverse side to increase the opacity. Product with chemical and moisture resistance, ideal for applications where high opacity is required e.g. covering up outdated information.

Eco Classic 2110D

A top and reverse side barrier coated paper with a standard sensitivity thermal coating produced totally without BPA-based chemistry. temperatures as low as -8°C.Suitable for long term applications where temperature can fluctuate or cold storage labels.

Eco Classic 2111D- Frozen

A top and reverse side barrier coated thermal paper with a standard sensitivity produced totally without BPA-based Product designed for industrially packed food where premium resistance to vegetable oil and water is required.

Eco Classic 2112D Deep freeze

A thermal premium, top-coated, white, ultra smooth paper label, with a permanent adhesive.Its acrylic based Designed for a wide range of industrial applications including pre-packed foodstuffs Labelling where premium

Eco Classic 2113T Removable

White wood free machine coated mid-gloss paper. Recommended for general purpose labeling of boxes, pallets and totes where removability is required.